Mistakes to Avoid: Guide for a New Investor

Hi future Investor. You’ve spoken and I’ve listened.. Finally!! I’ll be doing a mini-series on investing. However, I want to start with a reality check because while Investing can be a great way to build wealth over time, it can also be intimidating and overwhelming, especially for those just starting out. One of the biggest […]

Top Financial Mistakes

financial mistakes

Here are my top financial mistakes, it’s not a one size fits all guide, but take what is applicable to you: Not realizing every dollar counts Keeping up with the Jones’, this is one we always here but it’s true, your finances are yours, and unique to you act accordingly. Taking a loan instead of […]

Reducing Expenses

reducing expenses

In handling your finances some key areas are your income and expenses, it may not always be possible to increase your income quickly but until then you may be able to adjust your expenses. A great place to start is listing your expenses, ALL expenses, your bank statement can be used to see where you […]