About Me

Why Talk Money To Me

Sherace Pinnock

No more money negativity here! Sherace is all about creating a squad of outrageously confident, financially women who fearlessly tackle their financial goals, though having conversations that make sense, without industry Jargon.

You come exactly as you are, and we untangle your finances together. 

ou already know how to make good choices. You know how to taking the information around you, the information from friends, the information from websites, to make all kinds of decisions every single day. You already have what you need. The only thing missing is a little help from me, Money Cheerleader, to push you in the right direction and keep you going.

Sherace Pinnock - CFP

Sherace provides an incredibly valuable service that is not only practical but meaningful to your own personal growth.

As a coach, I am trying to get you ready. But as a cheerleader, you’re already there. I’m just that little voice telling you that, yes, you can. Yes, you can. Get on up and keep on going.